Above the Stars

in the beginning it was only a roof
gradually the house grew upon me
when windows are dirty I have conjunctivitis
if cupboards crackle I am rheumatic
when the sink is plugged I have indigestion

moreover it is not an empty house
to be able to clean and paint the floor
or the walls when I need to
little red spiders grow in the corners
fireflies and mosquitoes fill the air
mirrors have mold underneath
even books smell like old sour jam
from all these it results hypertension
or sometimes arrhythmia when newborn butterflies appear

however I sweep the visible and invisible dust
but in vain
a moist and dark basement began to grow
fit enough for snakes and frogs
I won’t be able to go there
because if the electricity would break down
I won’t make the difference between night and day

after so many years I have one regret
that when the roof grew for the first time
I didn’t know how to look at the stars
with wide opened eyes

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