End of a Story

When I was a child The Snow Queen
stole my friend’s heart
placed in his chest an ice needle

Then I trod for a long a time
on fairy tale pathways
crushing my knees upon stones
weaving shirts from nettle threads
kissing an ugly frog
climbing mountains on stairs
dug with my own nails
crawling in the desert among snakes …
everything just to find my friend
to see the red roses in my home garden
bloom again

But I failed
and my dream vanished
Snow White and her mother became as one
Cinderella lost her shoe for eternity
„once upon a time” became „never”

Then I opened my eyes and said to myself
thanks God for giving me this sinless soul
to be able to fly free
on my heart’s open sky

From above tears dropped
as an answer
it was light again


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