the hours on a straight road
are measured in shadows
a spindle spins the time
two steps forward one step behind

either winter or summer
I believed I was in love
stranger to others and to myself
a storm torch was slurping my eyes
smooth like soft boiled eggs
I was lighting vigil candles in a cave

the passage seasons were short
night tunnels covered a train of dreams
digging a minute of oblivion

for a while three bells tolled at once
my arms couldn’t reach my back spine
to stop the earthquake
my heart fell on my ankle
like a canon ball in a gaolbird chain
no matter how I try to lie
I just can’t fly to the moon

memories are propped with songs
which no one sings along
in triple time beat
I chose to walk the shortest road
known by everyone
except for endings

I believed I was in love
a broken credo is a cornerstone
for another church


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