I woke up one morning
with one mouse eye and one owl eye
racing endlessly on a plain
among eroded mountains of feelings
stepping over my shadow

I was wandering on a straight motorway
keeping in my palm a wrecked compass
measuring heart’s fluttering
rear-view mirrors were steamed up
wheels were crushing rusty butterflies
squeaking under car breaks

the winds gathered everything
between the same cardinal points
exhausted swallows are sleeping on vanes
hunter and prey forgot one another
the mouse is biting from the stuffed owl’s eye
barren seeds are sinking in the soil

I’ve been loving trees for much too long
until I understood to forget
the way they are losing their leaves year after year
I’m looking upwards counting mushrooms
growing on trunks
sighing through the soles of my lacquered shoes
cobwebs growing in my hair
first rimes clutching it
like a newborn’s cramped fingers

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