The Thief

the garden with Sunrise Apples was deserted
branches bowed down scratching the earth
ants were roaming between rotten fruits
snails were hiding in shady grasses
small grubby shrinking apples
were falling now and then
struck by winds beforehand
in the sound of wooden bell board
storm clouds were approaching

a child sneaked beyond the weakened gate
filled his cap with apples
tasting only one throwing all the others
nibbling quickly a wild sorrel leaf
he ran whistling in the rain

the next winter heavy snowstorms
broke old tree branches
the child was eating juicy oranges
looking at his Christmas tree
where globes were like apples

summer times came back
the child didn’t return to the garden
there were now many ripe apples
crowding each other
swaying like church bells

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4 thoughts on “The Thief

  1. I enoyed your poem, Cristina! I love the last stanza, picturing the apples swaying like church bells.

    • Thanks Mary, I am happy you liked my poem. In my country, in the orthodox tradition there are wooden bell boards, I needed to explain this, maybe the readers are not familiar with them.

  2. nice…great imagery…and it leaves me wondering of the child and what happened to him…him missing after seeing him through the season seems empty in the end and i hope the church bell imagery in the end is not foretelling..

    • Thank you very much Brian. This is an optimistic poem, this is what I think. Here the child is just the one who opens the gate for the renewal of nature, he has a positive role. It is true that the cycle goes round and round, the bells are part of this universe.

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