Vagrant Song

I bear too many tears brother angel
I’m shivering like a lilac in bloom
under rain
it smells like sea salt and blood
all your teardrops lie in my eyes
they were not cried in times of peace or war

I haven’t laughed in the desert
I haven’t smiled like a street vendor
my heart’s corner whimpers
an infant without milk from its wet nurse

brother angel you are bitter and half-brother for me
Job gathered his strength from his weak bones
he knelt completely
he cried out

I was a child I was crying myself
within your eyes
I was younger the waters stood still
today I step over the sand castle’s shadow
dragging my pile of bones in chains
on my knees
I’m crying with foreign tears
take pity on me take them away

and if it will be so
I shall come back to you
from the land of faraway promises

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