A Romantic Letter

(Or a clavi-chord fugue)

Once I kept in my palm a rough fruit seed waiting for that crumb of time to spring out mirrored in future waters. Just looking in your eyes stones began to tremble, crevices of eternity appeared. You looked calm as a soft song yet troubled like embers bitter heat. And I looked again, suddenly sloping on melting ice, winds started to whisper as if to break the circle of night. You were a snowflake floating on my breath. I would have wanted you to define me, to call me, because I was like a child without name, that seed would have grown into a winged tree, a moment escaping clockwise order.
Then shadows weighed over my eyes and my hopes sparkled like a flint steel, dissolving at once. Peaceful rains settled dark rings over a transparent, motionless desert. I stopped seeing you, dreams hid in the air and inside rocks, that seed closed its shell. Cool and gentle, ethereal emptiness shaped a statue within myself.
Gradually even the shadows disappeared like dripping arpeggios. Daily questions covered everything with snow. But the trace of difficult steps led to an obstinate memory trapping me in a white silence. Your faraway call was still striking me like the blood forgetting its way until summer tears ended their warm whirl in a frozen sea. I forgot you, the light between us left a feeble abandon gesture through a locked window wing.
And when another morning opened it, I saw at a far distance that first moment enchained by my surprise and your smile. It was a clear blue sky.

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2 thoughts on “A Romantic Letter

  1. I so enjoyed leaving my busy life to rest among your beautiful words! I especially enjoyed “If I were a wheat field.” I loved the way you transitioned your hopes from your words swaying among the fields to the desperation in your tones of having so much to impart and trying to find a way to nourish and bring enjoyment through your spoken words. (or at least that was how I pictured it)
    I am trying to add more of my first love (writing poetry) into my blog. and wondering if you had any advice to getting readers? Thanks again for your lovely words

    • I am happy that you found something beautiful in my words, Pamela. It is good to write poems as long as they offer you a sense of joy or inner light. I think your idea to follow your heart and write poetry is good but I cannot give you advice how to get more readers, me too I published my poems on four blogs (two in English, two in Romanian) and I tried to share them on other networks, this is all. I wish you good writings and readings and a peaceful day.
      Sincerely, Cristina

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