Eppur non si muove

when I lay in my bed I see
nettles growing against the house walls
and greening stone crosses
I mumble every night the same our father which art in heaven
I cry over our daily bread and stop at the forgiveness ritual
I don’t take others’ sins upon me
I acknowledge one baptism for enlightenment
and keep silent for the life of the world to come

seemingly I live in a too beautiful world
for its people separated from beliefs
before their legs are being tied in coffins
with wild roses brambles grown around white columns
of tribunals of churches

in another atlantis under light-years of water
only one is god always awake
the open eye in a rising sun
like an orange toffee given to poor children

the elders left alone in their homes
still ripe all earth’s fruit for the prodigal sons
of this world
this daily world since galilei’s sentence
but now so much silence and peace
it is exactly as I dreamed

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