Medical (jurisprudence)

In the hereafter world there is a council. A general reunion among big and little, both the old ones who still hold on a dry root and the new ones still wandering in the low skies and knocking on every door.

Newcomers are sorted out first by the color of their eyes and, if that is the same, they search for the subtlest hues: mahogany black, black as blackberries, chestnut brown, roasted chestnut, green like forest moss, lizard green, etc. All of them have the eyes wide open.

Then they are asked a few questions, only the necessary ones. What have you been down there?
I was as good as gold. Get in the mirror’s drawer!
I was live and let live. Get in the medicine drawer!
I was new brush sweeps clean. Get in the tools’ drawer!
I was as poor as a church mouse. Get in the drawer under the bed!
Little by little all eyes are closed and they seldom open, only when those pure in the eyes of God open their drawers at home. Certainly there are some left outside.

What have you been down there?
I was fair and impartial. Wait until the weather will be fair.
I picked holes in an argument. Wait until the next lunar eclipse.
Finally, after these ones are also sorted, there are still a few left.
What have you been down there?
I don’t know what I was.
Uh, another unsolved homicide, grumbles the annoyed man in charge. Take him into quarantine!

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