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modus vivendi

and now comes that moment when a hand
draws the curtains over the sunset
like it is customary
when the last page from a good novel locks
inside the gardener’s daughter head another garden
as big as all the other wonders of this worlds

my body rolls amid old pillows
I rotate within the squared dial of my room
I am content that I’m not weightless
that I have a living shape and my heels nailed to the floor
and I stretch myself
with one leg shorter than the other
like the mistress of the sun king and churchill and other figures
in a procrustian world in all its joints

there will be another day when the undertakers will take
from my bed sheet a drop of saint imprint alike christ’s

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Between today and tomorrow

the motherless child has pointed ears as if a hare and he runs
on the witchgrass and chicory field within the rifle’s range
the child
draws his blanket every evening up under his chin
the blanket with holes like stars
he covers the cold in his body
a cold so frail and shameful
he keeps silent when others talk he murmurs hail mary
when others believe that he’s cursing
until there comes the rain until valleys get deeper where streamlets run
him the one who lives hiding behind a woman’s icon
he steals the wild blackberries from the graveyard of the innocents

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