Black Pines Alley

maybe too close from my house
maybe above or
maybe below
up to the small window there grew hunks of rotted flesh
eyes molding without eyelids hearts over hearts bitten by rats
grinning skulls with black tongues smiles eaten by mites
red spiders instead of lips
and i started to scream in a whisper swifter and swifter
because i was drunk from so much death
and i was lost
wondering why all these/ how did they get like this/
/what do you hold against me/
after all
i can’t depart for another star

here lies a saint as pure as the driven snow/ there a sinless virgin/
on the other side those dead in the name of justice/
everywhere all the innocent ones
only worms and yellow rats with swollen bellies
and above it all not a single flower

keep silent/ i can’t listen to you any longer/ i don’t want to/
let solely the rain fall/ to wash out/
all my memories are flesh from my flesh/
the angels’ dreams are the wings of my dreams/
barely i understood that they too are the same
that all of them my lord were so clean/ so good and white/
they were just people
for they rotted easier/ faster than the leper’s flesh
and their bones were cleansed like autumn trees
of falling leaves

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