Me Alone

sitting naked thighs on clear ground
the sky that I knew had no place for rainbows
probably the world was so round then
that I spitefully clasped my fists
happy until sunset

in the evening I met a man with Siberian wolf teeth
I believed that he smiled because of me
I did not know why he spoke so roundish and simple words
like a fresh water spring
until I glided in his eyes by my hips’ border
it was so cold that I started to laugh because of anger
and it ached like hell that the moon almost touched the evening star

another day it was a damned purple sunset
my forehead throbbed because of pain like a church organ out of tune
I feared so much that I would become a naked dummy in a display window
with my lips smeared by innocent blood
that I opened my last window and my last dress button to the ground
my heart moved a little bit eastwards
then it started to beat again

since then I never sit on the ground
and in the evening I wear sunglasses
me alone

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