because the lady is a woman

everything stays bone to bone/ skull and perineum cages together/ simple shells giving up to the sea/ illusory Westphalian peace in the middle of the mayhem/ these trophies like pride and spiritual freedom/ the body who does not abdicate and the reverse

I had no hint what men want when they step upon women’s feet as if playing/ I went to the old movies cinema once to see Two Women a film about a collective rape in a church/ I got out sad and bewildered thinking about gravity laws chemical formulas Holst’s planets/ I understood only the language of flowers growing up in the shade or in early spring/ frail like fairy-tale wonders

I can still remember that it was the same since kindergarten
then there were naughty children’s rhymes and jokes
grownups’ songs about sexy bombs in Paris the movie Basic Instinct and libidinous old men
who tried to kiss me against my will
and those who said that everything kneels in front of banana gods
those who read the science of Freud and the science of every religion
now I can remember that all their words were swings for erotic plays
normal and respectable people’s dialogues meant to sit
together on the same chair and rub their backs

and above it all there’s still something slipping out of me and going back
again and again
a still unaborted heart of a woman

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