those little perfect things in a lifetime

from time to time my red clock sitting on my desk lags behind
about a quarter of an hour I don’t know because of what
I wake up before my time I drag the minute hand to the others’ hour
I drag my feet step by step up to the bathroom with a dirty mirror
I wash my eyes I raise my chin thanks God I still can see
the world in so many colors

it is better now
I come back to my desk and clean my computer’s mouse from dust and skin remains
leftovers after prolonged contacts
given the fact that I never caressed a man’s body I think that they are
like soft moss grown upon the planks of a fence
and that women let them grow upon them or sometimes they clean them off
with their thumb nails

but I know nothing about sex
I only loved fairy tales about fairies and the queen of fairies
and I felt so much pity for the little mermaid who loses first her voice
then her life because of love
I also knew when I was a child that old maids are nuts
I wondered why and they told me that I’m too little to understand

if it rains through the sunshine I think stay a while, you are so ugly
why not

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