works and nights

i count the pills for stomach the pills for heart and sleep
at dusk hour when life grows like a flower with unreachable nectar
and butterflies are not invented yet
i would like to cure my world of uncertainty with pills
and water for the supermarket in bottles upon which it is written
foraged at great depths

maybe trembling leaves will gather together
like a beautiful girl crisscrossing her arms over her breast
it is cold my young lady with white peach cheeks
do pour yourself another amber tea from a Russian train’s samovar
please try to be a little younger
at least until the day when you will lack today’s pain
you can see this world it’s just an adagio
people stay the same even after volcanoes disappear

another winter when potatoes sprout in the kitchen’s corner
another holiday when everything is dazzling and alive like a lighthouse
deep in the night

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