pseudo-treatise about denial

I lie upon my right side like an Eve with all my ribs buried in the memory
of a single man I have a wounded knee that I treated with natural remedies
cheaper and healthier and seemingly it will heal no worries

on life’s roads calligraphy is the reverse of what’s written in books
you have to climb in bold and go down thinly and smoothly for a long time
I always listened without blushing to the song about the little bird
that has to move her nest away because my love was unforgivable
I could not guess and I did not believe that people can destroy
things that they don’t understand for example what would it be like
to destroy God how could one figure out why the sun rises and who could
dismantle the world’s weaving to separate the being from the unbeing
as if you would cream off the Milky Way and you would say

give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and you just another empty heart
you still wait like the litmus paper to be recognized as an expert
in acids or alkali taking in account the risk of becoming a salt pillar
the seismic risk or the risk of debating morality among lepers
but it doesn’t matter this time my dear girl I shall lick my wound
like the cat does watchfully because everyone knows that even man’s spit
destroys a few germs and that deceiving books are not only for sinners

I would say this with my lips trembling because of sadness
metempsychosis and metaphysics

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