springtime allergy

the train’s engine is replaced in the station so the last will be first,
wax cherries bloom everywhere, woolen eiderdowns are hidden in their cases,
survivors are counted, Solomon’s song is recited, toe nails are painted red,
vineyard cords are tied with thin stripes, old women unwind their plaited hair,
springtime sunlight breaks around the world, stoves are cleaned inside,
trash bins are overfilled, fires are kindled in the fields

life is a domino game

young maidens try on new white shirts, little girls with big eyes write poems
about the lilies from the botanical garden, seasonal ulcers erupt again,
housewives prepare Easter time feasts, football players kick the ball into the crossbar,
in suburban areas people swear upon the death of their mothers and children

the world raises on tiptoes the world plays dice games

there comes a time when you have to choose between two kinds of dung,
a time when you have to tarnish yourself because the road is too narrow,
blessed are the poor in spirit and those who have been persecuted
for the sake of righteousness,
because the same reward awaits for all of them

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