summertime pinacoteca

today I am proud of the cage in which they locked me
it’s tall and hangs on the moon’s hook in case I want to fly
I have the whole freedom
others’ thoughts hiss around me like a flock of geese
furious that they can’t reach me
I fast from words I seldom swallow some bookish expression
as if it were a hot dumpling
the patch of dust under my feet is always a new one
hail to you life
I step heavily like a stethoscope I predict storms from earth’s wounds
I am Gainsborough’s lady in blue you can read happiness in my dreamy eyes
the age when it is still sweet to remember
what only myself knows
the purple bluebells the wild mint the tender sorrel the blackthorn berries
the whistle carved from cattail stems the sizzling embers
all those holiday summer vestments
until you will see me again in a Matisse portrait
after Transfiguration

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