Wars, revolutions and love affairs: all of them are a matter of synchronizing. Depending on the moment when you enter or leave the scene, you become either hero or victim.


Poverty means to wear handcuffs in the crib. Wealth means to wear them in your coffin.


I realized that I am not the only one who keeps old books in a closet.


We dislike you, said the thorns to the rose. You’re not like us. Then the rose died poisoned by its own thorns. And the thorns got divided because they lost their stem.


Uphill a graveyard, downhill a water source.


You cannot share your own dreams with others the same as there is no such thing as half of a shadow or half of a silence.


Be logical and they will say that you’re an idiot. Be emotional and they will say that they don’t understand you. Be both at the same time and they will say that you’re insane.


Memories are like autumn leaves that can’t fall down from a dying tree.


Non idem est si duo dicunt idem, said the owl to the nightingale.



When I was a child they taught me that vineyard sap turns into wine. There is a brand of wine with a religious name, Lacryma Christi. Therefore, do not get drunk on God.

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