for the sake of the blue sky

I stepped from one room to another
where rivers of milk and rivers of ink and rivers of fresh grape must flew over
I had forgotten if I was climbing or descending
there were hills and precipices
there was my heart and rivers of blood with paper boats
torn from little squares notebooks
the kindergarten was pink the school was blue and then the large theater hall room
was purple like autumn grapes pressed to make wine
vaudeville masks grinned with their false teeth
the thick makeup melted down along with the prima donna’s tears
shaved on her head and dressed in sack cloth

where could she search for the small key made of white gold
and why would she continue to launch on the clear water river
same messages in bottles that no one will read
on the threshold between two eternities where you can find
neither young girls playing the piano adorned with funeral flowers
nor Poe nor Baudelaire
nor the Pre-Raphaelite paintings
but only a door that you can open with the tip of your little finger

and why everything had to be so bluntly
beautiful and saintly
why the light passing through the tender leaves was like Aladdin’s lamp
why the mist over the rising sun was the incense burnt by God
in a church for all the living and the dead souls

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