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It is absolutely obvious that Prometheus was punished by Gods before fire was brought to humans, eventually by him.
In the same order of ideas it is obvious that poverty and isolation are not sins at all and that the progress of human civilization cannot be stopped, at least until human brains exist.
It is obvious and even a child knows : first the punishment, then the deed.
I never wondered why and how stars die, but I am still confused why they should be created and where. Or until when. And I know for sure that I will never try to find out the truth about this. I was only a humble and innocent woman.
I think that pure knowledge does not exist for humans or humane-like creatures, all that exists is a seed planted somewhere. If you don’t cuddle it, it does not grow. Only God knows. I also think that there is a fine line between gnoseology and ontology.
The Past came too close to my thoughts, the Future cannot hold my words. Someone stole Jacob’s ladder from my ear.
I open my arms as if I were a clock holding time. And I can’t, I feel rusty.
I started to grow old the moment I began to dream.

(hence the differences between gnoseology and epistemology, but regarding this my mind is a little bit confused now, because my body betrays me and spell-check on the net accepts only the first of these two)
signed — just me, known&unknown by everybody

between known and unknown you can find either sunset or sunrise
between useless and beneficial you can find either death or life
between me and you can find either nothing or everything
between all the things that I told you can find either truth or lies
between good and bad you can find all the above
postscriptum — words are meaningless unless God wants to fulfill them

post-postscriptum — anyone can use another word or another name instead of God, I prefer God
Someone entered my thoughts saying that such a thing is unacceptable — what?! Reality or my humble existence? I accept everything and I think that very few things are unacceptable only for some people and I am not guilty that I told the truth. My fate is in God’s hands.

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Today, still alive

They entered my home again, as they did many times since my father was dead in 2005. This time I was sad to see that they took my childhood book of prayers, along with my prayers handwritten by me in childhood. 😦 😦 They also put in my drawers falsified documents 😦 I threw what I could from those objects in the garbage bin after tearing them to pieces.

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