the law of the lid

all of them are striving and straining
all of them are writhing like fishing worms in a jar
and I still wonder why
all of them try hard to bite one more morsel
from the good ones who died young
from the too good who died very old
from me the one still lively
depending on the sun and moon errands

the more I look closely the more I see clearly
beyond clouds and imagined rainbows
beyond the supersonic flight or the anti-gravitational force
beyond the white weapons and the red crosses
the more they think that it is exactly me head over heels
while they are are only striving hard
like turbines through my living blood

all of us slaves belonging to two masters
slaves for the seen and the unseen
slaves for concessional cemetery plots
unlike the earth that can be stolen or bought
and can be lost
that is too heavy
and silent

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