what can I say revered audience
form the underground of two millennia
life is beautiful my esteemed contemporaries
from the Moon to the Sun it is a long time
life is so beautiful and has such deep eyes
regardless of their color
it cries torrential tears and it fights like a sea
that is forced to go back in front of the seawall
it is beautiful and it never jokes about the lost paradise

and there is nothing shameful to confess
because us those from the rear battalion we need air
neither too much nor too little
we nibble from every plate at the table of silence
only for pleasing our taste
and gossip tells that we are endangered species
in your world where every little thing is upside down for us
a world so logical that we can see the artificial light blooming
between me and your Highnesses
between me and the stock of the rifle or the noose from the barn
or the rat poison
between masters and slaves

we tithe those who foretell reading the sky’s map
we dream tales about the laborers working in the fields
we dream stories about tired lunatics reaping the tall wheat
within themselves

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