About my poems

about my poems’ birth:

During the past five years and a half I was making my first poetical attempts,  not counting the poems I wrote when I was a child.  I started writing short,  impressionistic poems,  rhymes,  then I evolved towards a more expansive style using a lot of verbs and adjectives.  It was my way of expressing the flow of events and feelings.  Finally I began to write in a more concise form,  trying to get rid of useless epithets or descriptions and to create weightless images .

I gathered here my own translations of my Romanian poems into English.  When I think about what I tried to express all this time I can say that my poems are mostly about feelings of belonging or longing, about losses in my life or the way that human nature reflects in natural world and is influenced in return by natural events.

The order of poems on this blog is random, I picked poems from different stages of my creation.  I know that my English is not perfect, but I offer them to the occasional readers with an open heart because all of them were written trying to express something beautiful,  something close to the center of my emotions or life experience.

Thanks for reading and traveling inside my feelings.

about my haiku experience:

In my journey among  endings and beginnings I stopped one day thinking about what opens and what closes with each step I take.  For me the answer was: light.  Life’s moments drip like stalactites in a cave, humans are melted stardust, binding to each other.  Stars do shine for those who know to look at them.  Sons and daughters of sunlight, we leave our shadows imprinted in other hearts until the Milky Way sweeps them away.

Autumn is the season that opens a door towards other existential areas, a time when blue skies become pale, when the fire of emotions dwindles, when shadows separate on forest ground.  One of these moments I opened my eyes understanding the importance of being aware of each open window of existence:  the world given to me by senses, filtered in my feelings and engraved in my thoughts.

I started reading and writing haiku two years ago.  My haiku aren’t a puzzle or a simple picture of reality.  They aren’t about describing emotions or revealing ideas.  They try to express the meaning of life events mirrored in each drop of light that enters my world.  For example a bird’s chirp has its echo beyond my senses, it touches a puddle where water ripples when petals fall and then goes further.  Me too, I am creating my own ripples in water, earth and air, being influenced in return by natural events.  Each haiku is an image of this bond or an image of the links within the universe.

Time is the most important element, because every event happens once and it is perceived as present even when senses lose their accuracy.

That’s why I tried to write my haiku looking at the world with the eyes of a child and trying to uncover the meanings of my life experience.  What I understood and what I will never understand.

general conclusions:

I rarely used imagination in my poems, almost all of them are all heartfelt and speak about true facts from my life experience. I used symbols, metaphors, similes and many images, but I rarely built overt statements or conclusions. My poems are more about feelings than about thinking. They all have intellectual meanings, except for a few which are only emotional. But they seldom convey a message in a direct manner of speech. They have nothing hidden in them like a secondary meaning or a double meaning of words.

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, spring, 2012


2 thoughts on “About my poems

  1. I have nominated your blog for the new Reality Blog Award! Congratulations! This is a “no rules Award”, you can find the details here http://tinylessonsblog.com/2012/09/20/a-thank-you-note-for-multiple-awards/ . Best regards, Tiny

  2. Thank you very much Tiny ! I am deeply honored and sincerely overwhelmed.

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