Blog Award

Blog Award

Today I had the pleasant surprise to discover on my blog that I was nominated for this blog award by another blogger who received this award from another one… I have to say THANK YOU from deep within my heart, I am honored by this beautiful gift that tells me I am not alone and my blogging activities were not in vain.

You can check this beautiful blogger’s posts on this address:

tiny lessons blog

Thank you again tiny lessons!

Now I have to uncover 7 things about me, in order to accept the award (this is the rule). What to say ? Let’s see (please excuse my eventual grammar errors, my English is not perfect and I am writing this in a haste):

1)  I am overweight, still hoping to get fit in my old clothes. I had periods in life when I was slim. What made me enjoy life better were aerobic exercises and mobility exercises, once my joints were very flexible, I could achieve different difficult postures, but they were not important for my grades in high school were they were measuring other performances, acrobatic skills for example that were difficult for me.

2)  I am patient and calm when I have to do meticulous work. I loved since childhood to prepare different cookies that require patience, to sew small patterns (I have my own little house which I did not finish yet to fill on the fabric). I liked to take out kernels from small bitter cherry fruits in order to obtain bitter cherry jam. I used to paint watercolors with many details and small brushes.

3)  My favorite sports (to watch) are: artistic gymnastics, artistic skating, horseback exercises, shooting sports.

4) My favorite art: music. I often listen to classical music (also some country or pop music or folklore) and I love to watch ballet performances.

5) I cannot sleep in train or buses. I went a few times with other people on night travels, but I could not fall asleep. I needed my bed and pillows, even now I use small pillows over the bigger ones.

6) I like the sound of silence. Being raised in a house when I was little, I always preferred complete silence to city noises in my room. I also prefer total darkness at night in my bedroom. Yet I like fireworks very much.

7) I rescued once chickens who fell accidentally in the well in our courtyard. I fed a premature small puppy.  I always liked to help the old or the very young, I think it is a privilege to rescue a life or to bring sunshine where it is dark and cold,  in someone’s heart.

And now I have the privilege to nominate 7 other blogs for this award. If you are accepting the award, if you don’t have it yet,  you must copy and paste the award on your blog and to follow the rules: thanks to me 🙂 and linking my blog to yours, writing about 7 things from your life and nominating other 7 blogs. I invite my readers to visit these blogs I nominate here:

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Thank you all for your beautiful blogs!

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