My Poems in 2009

Pining for My Country

Sheltered under tall firs,
whispered stories flow
from young spring sources
towards the forest’s roots,
learning the eternal bond
between thirsty sea waters
and golden wheat fields,
stopping to breathe the silence
of distant ancestors’ shadows
weaving the heartbeat songs
and the blue mountain’s stone
on the same road together.

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Far and away, high over these lands,
where even the sea has learned the silence,
between sun and nonexistence,
motherly words are growing up slowly
from children’s eyes dew
unveiling snow and grass fields
stretched over earth’s songs,
encrypted piously on stone plates
deeply rooted here.

I’m listening, waiting, reaching out
to be a story page
among everything akin to me,
through its firm settled time
like an eternal fortress
built in thought.

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Maybe one day
I should have been born apart,
at a far distance from the place
where the embers’ shadow wriggles
on the ancient brick wall.

The circle of sun,
a spinning run’s print in the sand of memory,
tightened inside my body
like snow melting in March.
Maybe it was farther than dreams,
somewhere between the autumn seeds
sleeping like buried forests
with their crests tired of a high flight
bluer than the first silence…

And my shadow returned home
before sunset.

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I fell asleep on the narrow bench,
a scent of rotten wood surrounds me
like a placenta,
sunlight descends through window bars
directly in my dream
where sledges vanish afar.

The compact ball of my body
wraps up the past
like Ariadne’s thread.
I roll over,
lost in time traveler,
the compass rose points
to the North of music,
ocean herbs vibrate in the depths.

One song ends slowly
in the leaves melted by light,
seconds are tuned once again,
fresh inside vegetal hourglasses.

And I must awake like a child
among tender blades of grass.

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sigh after sigh
pile like snowstorms
striking a glass house
built in my body

from our hands
sticking to each other
one single key grows
lost between old wood’s
silent fibers

only tears
trickle at random
dewdrops on nail flowers
piercing hard metal
sealing pain
in cold door wings

my frozen smile
slowly unravels
starting with the season
when you began to forget
snow colors

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