My Poems in 2014


let everything be beautiful
like a young couple running along the beach
when heavy rain changes the voice
of murmuring waves

and let us sing a Sunday love song
for all the lovers in this world
a seashore wedding lullaby
and let us wonder again and again
where do young seagulls disappear
two by two
beyond the orange skin of sunrise sky

and we shall grasp the whole horizon in our arms
we’ll open up
we’ll thou and thee one another
twin brothers in the tide of summer
and our dance will last a lifetime
because we let go every morning
of our love
like raindrops falling in the water

because the whole sea is a blue lily
and we are just two dolphins
swimming at large
with seashell necklaces upon our necks

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Rain in the Wild Strawberry Field

my love
touch my eyelids with your fingertips
and you will feel the mountains growing in the distance
as long as I close my eyes for you
do not leave me
I won’t ask you to give me a tribute of honey or grain
I am the sovereign of a fortress crushed to dust
my dearest dear one

it was not me who killed that lone tree on the hill
but it was too beautiful and I feared it would perish
on our autumn equinox
with one hand I stabbed one leaf
and with the other hand I wiped off the blood from the sky
I only tried to save that tree
it made no difference then
if I was supposed to die at night or during daytime
and that was only a sick silver leaf shining like the moon

I waited for such a long time
with white lilies in my hand
maybe I would have died on our wedding day
and nothing would have changed
now and again I would have asked you to read me a story
about the land beyond the misty swamps
to let me feel the wind blowing closer
to make me see the heavy clouds approaching the crypt
where they abandoned me



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My latest poems –Scribd

I know I am late with these poems on my blog….I made this collection on PoemHunter, then on Scribd. I still have to work on them. I corrected some of the poems published in the past on this blog. I added some new poems, you can browse for them if you are interested. In the future I might try to publish them one by one. Thanks for reading.

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The Ace of Hearts

today’s pigeons are heavy they carry churches on their back
they rest on my windowsill when it rains like oiling
and the world anoints to heal its lack of love
i get angry because i cannot make them leave
they stay as long as they please knowing what i will never know
with their placid eyes in the light of this century
sometimes white-feathered
i reread the bible and my old letters under magnifying lens
my bow-tied memories
cut them as if a deck of cards to see what’s drawn out
it’s amazing nothing changed i grew old sitting at the wooden gate
on a wooden chair in a life with basil drying under rafters
and grapevines uprooted

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persephone’s memories

and there’s rigoletto laughing out the cry of the one who’s defeated by fate/ among the spectators dressed in blue by the light flooding them between the acts/ and there’s the woman eternally defeated by love/ a cup with poison from which they drink/ the men used to believe

maybe the world means to win over that sentimental beast/ to open your eyes without amazement in front of the newborn’s cry/ the world in which passions die in the name of freedom

i wonder/
if this is exactly the sun in everybody’s eyes/
how could I tear apart the veil woven around every cradle/
with such soft hands it is impossible

somebody plays god every day/
lights up the fire and waists time/
searches among deities and tombs a piece of clay that he kneads/
folding the dough/
he tries to invent another empty space inside the earth’s crust

i took my knapsack on my shoulders it smelled like bread and onion i climbed upon the hill’s mane/ i felt beautiful and young/ i believed there will be a right hand holding my left hand/ when i came back it was snow and the house’s chimney was faintly whistling/ i bit a red apple from yesteryear’s crop/ it was cold and wrinkled

in the play of a lonely child there is room for a whole world/
of angels

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