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8 thoughts on “My photos

  1. aloha Cristina. I enjoy exploring with a camera as well as with words. it’s fun to see through your camera.

    I hope you do not mind if I leave this here, one of your photos brought it to me:

    this color
    each blossom step
    into my camera

    aloha Rick

  2. Thanks Rick. Fleeting moments like these captured my imagination, but I am not a photographer. Nice thoughts from your part –I like your flower haiku you made here.

    • aloha Cristina. I do not believe you have to be a photographer to explore through a camera. I hope you will explore visuals in the same way you approach words. I believe that will become unique to you. in this way your words and images will all be created from that same world – the one in you from which you draw your work already. as I see it, that will be a very fine place. aloha

    • If you take pictures you are a photographer. If you sell them you are a professional photographer. If they are enjoyable you are a good photographer. I would say you are good.

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