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Plaster Statues

Far too close to the water’s edge
my soles rooted in sand
like wild lilies drained of dew,
heart’s valves smothering,
words bulging in river’s waves,
clouds rolling above like heavy marble

No ford no bridge
only one stray horse on the eyot
if it had rained our shapes might merge
free from the pledge of dreams
without boundaries

I’m breathing deeper,
my arms have leaden scales,
I can’t mold the sand inside me
with my finger tips drowning
in tears

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each time I was going away
there was another falling another dying
foggy and marshy lands
were growing on my way

I cared about all of them
without knowing that love
is a heavy-chains disease
or how much they needed me in return
I left home a few times
enough to feel alone like a kitten
in someone else’s garden

hiding in the library
heaps of read books opened big eyes
those understood united
like a tattoo on my skin
sleepless nights stigma

I miss cold waiting rooms
to crouch on a simple bench for hours
until a slow train arrives
now I can’t leave from nowhere
the others found that I understood
they also know the garden snail’s story

all that is left for me are others’ dreams
to sustain them with my front head
until it hurts

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bowing my head under the cobweb
I pass beyond the vault
rusty keys in my pocket
the wind slams the door behind

stuck between cold and warm
a hat hangs on a hook
nor too high neither too low
sour grapes slowly become sweet

I will touch nothing
walls and doors are soft
the bread is molding green potatoes sprout out white
only autumn apples stay reddish
a ray of sunlight is crawling among them
like a snake on moist ground
heels are trembling over it
bent knees are cracking

too much emptiness in my stomach and around
maybe it’s a Holy Friday today
and I will stay here another twenty years
not counting Sundays

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