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Winter Scent

I’m sitting on my bed. The terracotta stove begins to warm up. It is the first winter fire in my house. A small black spider jumps into the iron poker. I am leaning on my back, my eyes follow the ceiling crevices. This might have been a heavy rain wound, its seared scars deepen year after year. On the floor a knife hides among apples in a whisker basket. Suddenly I am aware that I lay down between attic and cellar. I feel trapped, cloaked in the apples’ scent, drifting…

cellar stairs –
an autumn apple
falls back

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the candle trays are heavy
I hardly find my way among dead and alive
holding a drop of new light
crossing myself with my hand still warm

people stand shoulder to shoulder
the bell-ringer pulls down the rope
I’m beginning to feel the earth’s silence
candle flames are sizzling in the sand
upright or bending
separated or united

I get out into the sunlight
slowly stepping over the grass
an old cross raises in the church’s yard
still upright
an apple tree had grown beside it
leaning completely towards sunrise
almost touching the stone

I come back under vaults
crossing myself again
breathing much deeper

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The Suitcase

I went to sea with an iron suitcase
locked with a cipher on the last day ashore
I kept in it an apple a newspaper a pretzel
it was so heavy on my left shoulder
I was carrying a leather bag in my right hand
stuffed with clothes for twenty years

when waters raised over portholes
I opened the heavy suitcase nibbling my pretzel
making small ships from newspaper pages
I was wearing a white dress from my youth
admiring the brightly shining red apple
but they repaired our vessel

when the second accident occurred
I tore to pieces the whole newspaper
reading it leaf after leaf
I had grey hair wearing a dark black dress

in the end only the apple was left there
from time to time I checked its color still fresh
feeling a deep sting in my left shoulder
I couldn’t bear anymore the iron suitcase
dressed now in a pink gown like peach blossoms
I was not hungry I didn’t want to throw away the fruit
my heart opposed to give it away

I placed it again in that suitcase
calling a child from the deck
asking him to lock it without telling me the cipher
then I threw it in the depths

at night a stifled fire was burning
under my eyelids and my temples
I looked once more at the stars
falling asleep much easier than before


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bowing my head under the cobweb
I pass beyond the vault
rusty keys in my pocket
the wind slams the door behind

stuck between cold and warm
a hat hangs on a hook
nor too high neither too low
sour grapes slowly become sweet

I will touch nothing
walls and doors are soft
the bread is molding green potatoes sprout out white
only autumn apples stay reddish
a ray of sunlight is crawling among them
like a snake on moist ground
heels are trembling over it
bent knees are cracking

too much emptiness in my stomach and around
maybe it’s a Holy Friday today
and I will stay here another twenty years
not counting Sundays

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The Thief

the garden with Sunrise Apples was deserted
branches bowed down scratching the earth
ants were roaming between rotten fruits
snails were hiding in shady grasses
small grubby shrinking apples
were falling now and then
struck by winds beforehand
in the sound of wooden bell board
storm clouds were approaching

a child sneaked beyond the weakened gate
filled his cap with apples
tasting only one throwing all the others
nibbling quickly a wild sorrel leaf
he ran whistling in the rain

the next winter heavy snowstorms
broke old tree branches
the child was eating juicy oranges
looking at his Christmas tree
where globes were like apples

summer times came back
the child didn’t return to the garden
there were now many ripe apples
crowding each other
swaying like church bells

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