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„Say it’s only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me”

Life is never what it seems to be
I was sixteen and I couldn’t agree –
So quickly twenty years just flew away
So disappointed I woke up one day,

Dusty old dreams needed a cleaning
When I understood a deeper meaning –
A strong belief can reach the mountain’s roof,
It’s useless to search for another proof.

We’re responsible for what we think
Even when our hopes begin to sink –
Since then, under any kind of weather,
Truth and beauty always stayed together.

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The Rainbow

The rainbow’s colors are scattered,
clearing up wonders of being.
The winds took a moment of silence,
daydreams are swayed back to cradle.

A cloud has grown roots like a tree,
flooding the fields with blue flowers.
Wild grasses still catch scents of clay,
returning their breath to the sky.

The Word running down from above
is carried by pulverized light,
uniting today with tomorrow,
like circles beneath a tree bark.

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Sunset Silence

In this time flight
of a late summer silence
I stretch faraway large wings
for the never defeated windmills
endless comeback to spring sources
grinding smoothly warm grains of words
tasting like teardrops or half-opened smiles
gathering in stockpiles dawn’s harvest
in daily dreams granary ~
I still breathe along with the fields
washed by storms wiped with rainbows
somewhere sometime…

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