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Words were speeding up while she spoke.
– That’s exactly what happened
I was wearing light mauve shoes
hardly found on the black market
but even those were slipping on asphalt
my stockings were almost pink
a gift from grandma’s sister
she enjoyed seeing me wearing pink
and him… he bowed accidentally near my chair
that chair had no back
I was sitting in my stiff blue jeans skirt
too tight on my waist
and he passed his fingers through his hair
I was wondering why he gazed into nowhere
or into my eyes
walls were thin and I heard an unknown melody
I never met the neighbors there
and him… he calmed down the dog
a little dog was barking furiously
and he was smiling
– What are you saying girl?!

That’s exactly what happened
we were talking about happiness
draperies were drawn
and the light had a tinge of pink.

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If it’s full moon I can’t cry,
questions are freezing in my mind,
fingers are stretching through glove holes.
I promise myself to mend them
but memory drawers are locked.

Maybe you told too many stories,
(I still believed in blue fairies)
night butterflies armies
overwhelmed the white lilac
bending towards us,
we were sipping a lime tea
(so bitter and sour)
from the same glass,
the sands squeaked under our steps
like crystal sugar.

When the moon waned
I sent you a teardrop
wearing a cockchafer plate.
It popped on the shoe point
and you crushed it.

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