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Stamped Future

I bought from the antiquarian
The Portrait of Dorian Gray
with rancid leaves like stamps
in an ancient collection

I ran home scampering
it was smelling like jasmines
at the corners
on the labyrinth streets
hidden in the big city
in my dress flounces

after the first chapter it started to rain
I was reading the ragged book
under the lamp shade
with dead butterflies
nibbling like a mouse
memories from the future

a gray cat in a window
was looking beyond curtains
my thoughts
like snails with sinusitis
crawling on the moist asphalt
without hearing a thing

sometimes the world is
a mirror
with shriveled silver

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Ex Libris

I met a man in a strange bazaar
arranging his small stand to sell
dead or alive books
through ages
so fantastic so real

I asked him what’s their use
he answered that this depends
upon the light cast where you open them
your heartbeat’s speed and power
your eyeglasses and other accessories

I didn’t reply and went back on my way
I didn’t understand at all
that fire blazing high behind
that gaze of a bird with torn white wings
those red eyes fallen in the dust
like resin from an old tree bark…

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