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Slowly Snowing

it’s still snowing,
votive lights are burning
with unequal heartbeats,
silence is clotted
like dry salt grains on the shore,
midday crickets go to sleep
in a peaceful cradle

a seagull’s wing
drops a living ivory shadow,
the sky is toppling down a sea
with stifled waves,
the earth hardly breathes
as if it were raising mountains,
winter’s aorta pulse is slow

life recovers from impatience,
hourglass’ roads are narrow
world’s heart comes through,
its bud crests shaking
this light’s rough skin

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there is no room left
between my belly knot and sacrum’s saw
thick leafy trees have grown from bone marrow
their shadows blend on walls
enclosed between yesterday and tomorrow

I have started to walk stumbling
like an infant step after step
crushing carpet flowers into dewdrops
the forest inside me dins in reproach

nights are a sweet glue
pouring from an old cherry bark
trapping restless ants
days evaporate like naphthalene
white butterflies are also guilty
they chose to die too soon

I just have to be patient
a thread cut with front teeth
hardly passes through a needle

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Harvest of Ages

Sometimes a dream
is like a bird
with transparent wings
wrapping up the heart

Once the light
of a morning star
flies her quickly
into midday’s
hot depths
she is forgotten

Then her song grows
and returns back
like sunset’s
prolonged shadows

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After many comebacks
To my own past tense,
To fresh roots and buds
Offering new sense,

I have seen those white wings
Struck by too much light,
Burnt and then divided
Faltering in flight.

From their earthly ashes
Grew a chain of rings,
Eyes were closed and pierced
With that darkness stings.

Blind, from a soul lily,
I took just a part.
Couldn’t bear more weight
The moon was apart.

I abjured that crumb
Letting it to yeast
Between sky and earth
Near man life’s feast.

Around dawn I heard
Through the sunrise shrouds
Heartbeats of a dream
Breaking all the clouds…

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Blue Tide

It feels so near
as if touching with my fingertips
sands twisting and whirling
mixture of seashells and rain

Disheveled memories launch long boats
floating on low tides
some flimsy seaweeds tremble
taking their last breath
slowly dragged on the beach

A girl is running alone on the sea wall
just before rain
red maple leaves drop on her shoulders
swept away towards waves
her dreams swim behind in a blue sky

(Large theaters close their gates
headless stones sculpted by winds
unmask a calm smile)

In this passage season
among chaste shadows and lights
stars separate the ocean
from its shores

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