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the candle trays are heavy
I hardly find my way among dead and alive
holding a drop of new light
crossing myself with my hand still warm

people stand shoulder to shoulder
the bell-ringer pulls down the rope
I’m beginning to feel the earth’s silence
candle flames are sizzling in the sand
upright or bending
separated or united

I get out into the sunlight
slowly stepping over the grass
an old cross raises in the church’s yard
still upright
an apple tree had grown beside it
leaning completely towards sunrise
almost touching the stone

I come back under vaults
crossing myself again
breathing much deeper

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Candle Thread

not long ago we were both warriors
in the fortress with potato flowers coat of arms
we had bean leaves tattooed on our chests
putting Colorado bugs in small baskets
picking up snails hiding in tall clover
tickling them with straw until they entered their shells
throwing them over the fence
in golden raspberry bushes

when it was stormy granny was taking out
a small white bit of candle from the cupboard
opening the greasy Psalm book
murmuring slowly until the skies were clearing up
in winter she was wrapping my feet in wool
placing them in the oven where she baked sweet potatoes
only when it smelled like spring she seemed so sad
restless saying she gets smaller year after year
slowly entering the ground
I was crying no granny don’t talk like this
her eyes were tightening like a thin thread

then she began to knock with her walking stick
before each step she was taking
looking crossly downwards
there were more and more clouds
gathering between her eyelids
those mites could not have been God’s creatures
I was covering the earth in front of her
you see granny they are not here
she was always looking the other side
her chin falling the wind cutting her scruff

one day I went away to bring water
granny was sleeping with the white candle on the table
then I saw for the first time
that circle of light in the icon above

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