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Alternate Pictures

clear sky at noon
too much light around
unequal beats from dawn and sunset
towards North

in the compartment a stiff suitcase
pushed in a corner like a safety belt
her wristwatch shining every five minutes
the windowsill pressing her temple
unspoken thoughts floating

raising her head
a murky sky was oozing inside
deepening horizons
her eyes were avoiding themselves
sparkling reflections on the glass
more and more pale flocks of birds
clock needles in her pupils
entering the tunnel at dusk

she looks in the mirror
maybe unwillingly
light drips like lukewarm tea
melting slowly and softly
her eyelashes are disjointed flights
losing their direction
other eyes break others’ eyes shell
new street lamps light in the same station

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Evergreen Rivers

Today I’ll take a stroll
all round the window pane
on one side fog synapses,
autumn leaves fuming on fire,
on the other side warm air,
whisper vapors condensing.
In the middle I stay crushed
transparent, motionless,
bones’ and tears’ salt melting together.

I would prefer to stay inside glass
growing as a chandelier or a crystal willow,
I wouldn’t blossom or fade.
However sand grains hide in my palm wrinkles
where a green centipede is galloping

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The Main Road

the oaks are growing on the main street
for more than twenty years
notably in the beginning
each one of them weak at his root
was replaced

other children were born
they also became parents
people began to forget
some other earthquake
some other falling star
the street cars amount
the bygone tram shape
marked even today with the same number

the oaks grew too slowly
sunlight still burns on the pavement

God only knows
why a lone birch
remained without its crown
in my backyard
leaves are falling heavy
like a dying old man’s tears
in his last cup with water

the oaks still on their feet
are growing without hurry
maybe beyond walls
beyond the times when housewives
will still be dusting off
over the main street

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