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Fiat Lux

on the corridor without light
every proprietor has his door
behind which he repairs
floors walls windows
he sharpens blunt knives
chops food for dogs
parsley leaves for soup

have you seen somehow nobody
I’m asking the closed doors
with the back still straight
in this wonderland nobody is crying
the others are blind for autumn colors
they place eyelid over eyelid
lightly like leaf upon leaf
heaps of eyes without eyeballs
without opening

I can still see to knock on doors
stretching forth the charity box
in the dark
hopes are thin fingers
touching lightly the globe
a toy that doesn’t turn
and yet it staggers

the sun shows up beyond the clouds
every time silence is here

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from the corner of a single eye
a wrinkled teardrop falls down

teeth are shattered
biting from the last apple
at its core
puppy eyes are begging
in silence
near the snowbound fence

on a man’s back
in hunger for justice
grew a hump
carrying unconsciously
the knapsack filled with alms
for handouts
or requiem masses

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Daylight on a Toll Road

I will step on these grass blades
washing my feet in their tender juice
there’s a long way to the deep forests
rough tree bark will wound my skin
moist compost will will bury my heels

Near the feeble spring
bedraggled stars run dry
one by one
I give them my tears
hiding summer joys
in a squirrel nest
filled with acorns for a harsh winter

Dawn’s warm gold found me
trying to catch small charmed fishes
telling them I need to donate
all my best wishes
to the poorest men

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