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Lied for the Moon and the Evening Star

in a lonely woman’s world
each crack in the walls
is a twinge among the ribs
the neighbors’ footsteps
weigh on her chest when she breathes
if rats teem in the basement
cold shivers climb her back

elsewhere a mother breastfeeds and a child cries
in the lonely woman’s house clocks get rusty
barometers and zippers
everything flows
when it rains her body is like a moist biscuit
from supplies hidden in trenches
by future unknown heroes

far from the city walls
the river grinds the stones slowly
in winter under ice
around loneliness the canopy of heaven
closes like a placenta
with veins from blue stars

the woman files her nails into flesh

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The Wheel of Fortune

nothing is happening here anymore
too many public places are left
where you can win or lose
casinos drugstores banks
among galleries for pedestrians
which don’t take any risk
when the umbrellas are not enough

many are placing bets on different heads
especially on the bigger ones
almost all are swirling like dice
different types of beggars
vagabond dogs handicapped
in their run after foreign scented cars

Electra is no more revived
except for air conditioning devices
they drip down like stalactites
among cavern-like graffiti paintings
between two sewerage entries

far from the pedestrian march
you can find some lost confectionery
like a black sheep of this commerce
the locals want to forget everything
the visitors don’t want to remember
while dozens of baby sitters take out
their prams with babbling babies

yet nearby the oaks are growing
on their tiny lots
from knot to knot

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The Pledge

my God why didn’t I stay
a child bound to earth
growing nests of potatoes
stirring polenta at sunset
the greedy city gates swallowed me
from head to toes
with the knapsack woven by my ancestors
for such a long time
I wandered in resoled shoes
year after year at Annunciation
in my jacket sewn with white yarn
on its lining

shop dummies were smiling at night
with a starry air
under colored neon lights like candy
with powdered glossy wigs
like carnival cotton sugar
changing clothes and heads every season

one day I picked five bucks in the street
no one was near apart from the wind
slamming the flower kiosk at the corner
another day I found five bucks in my balcony
I crossed myself with my right hand
because I couldn’t find the owner
it was a sunny Sunday

in the pantry stuffed with old insomnia
I took a walk around the mountain of salt
from all my ancient tears
searching for wisdom
sticking my sweaty front towards North
knocking as if it were the Wailing Wall
while men were breaking down as usual
champagne filled glasses
acrobatic pyramids
card castles with the ace of spades for foundation

they light fireworks once a month in this city
I’m keeping in my palm a three grams gold heart
hanging on a thin thread
which I will never pawn

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Stamped Future

I bought from the antiquarian
The Portrait of Dorian Gray
with rancid leaves like stamps
in an ancient collection

I ran home scampering
it was smelling like jasmines
at the corners
on the labyrinth streets
hidden in the big city
in my dress flounces

after the first chapter it started to rain
I was reading the ragged book
under the lamp shade
with dead butterflies
nibbling like a mouse
memories from the future

a gray cat in a window
was looking beyond curtains
my thoughts
like snails with sinusitis
crawling on the moist asphalt
without hearing a thing

sometimes the world is
a mirror
with shriveled silver

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Chamber Orchestra

Clear sky in the afternoon
pressing over the attic’s gaze…
My steps gliding on a balustrade
edging channels in a Venice of feelings.
A cello concerto moments
vibrate like a handkerchief falling in dust:
smooth, delicate, crystal sugar on old walls.
My thoughts are assembling tightly in my body,
soles following the road like a stethoscope,
music coming to life
among house vine nerves.

From the main street I was lost
through ogival porches,
the keys were hidden in leaves whispers
unveiling velvet hours, rose shadows,
people sculpting melodious pathways
in their carefully polished chairs.

Most of all these
October light hit softly
deep in my eyes.

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