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The Wheel of Fortune

nothing is happening here anymore
too many public places are left
where you can win or lose
casinos drugstores banks
among galleries for pedestrians
which don’t take any risk
when the umbrellas are not enough

many are placing bets on different heads
especially on the bigger ones
almost all are swirling like dice
different types of beggars
vagabond dogs handicapped
in their run after foreign scented cars

Electra is no more revived
except for air conditioning devices
they drip down like stalactites
among cavern-like graffiti paintings
between two sewerage entries

far from the pedestrian march
you can find some lost confectionery
like a black sheep of this commerce
the locals want to forget everything
the visitors don’t want to remember
while dozens of baby sitters take out
their prams with babbling babies

yet nearby the oaks are growing
on their tiny lots
from knot to knot

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