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Waving Goodbye

Walking the line
between sky and earth,
sand waves disappear
falling in the desert,
like a goodbye sign
from a distance
yet so near.

I’m wandering
under rain and shadows,
dioptral numbers grow
trying to decipher signs,
barren little stones
in a labyrinth
always round.

It is obvious I waited for you
until mountains and winds
understood to make peace
and we were reborn
in separate seas.

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sigh after sigh
pile like snowstorms
striking a glass house
built in my body

from our hands
sticking to each other
one single key grows
lost between old wood’s
silent fibers

only tears
trickle at random
dewdrops on nail flowers
piercing hard metal
sealing pain
in cold door wings

my frozen smile
slowly unravels
starting with the season
when you began to forget
snow colors

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Silent Wings

Leaves are not wings
they don’t die like one day old
white butterflies
they don’t tremble in goblets of songs
like skylarks in the sun

Most of all they are breathing
linked to our heart’s foils
like the sigh of our friend
answering to us
through silent winds

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