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The Suitcase

I went to sea with an iron suitcase
locked with a cipher on the last day ashore
I kept in it an apple a newspaper a pretzel
it was so heavy on my left shoulder
I was carrying a leather bag in my right hand
stuffed with clothes for twenty years

when waters raised over portholes
I opened the heavy suitcase nibbling my pretzel
making small ships from newspaper pages
I was wearing a white dress from my youth
admiring the brightly shining red apple
but they repaired our vessel

when the second accident occurred
I tore to pieces the whole newspaper
reading it leaf after leaf
I had grey hair wearing a dark black dress

in the end only the apple was left there
from time to time I checked its color still fresh
feeling a deep sting in my left shoulder
I couldn’t bear anymore the iron suitcase
dressed now in a pink gown like peach blossoms
I was not hungry I didn’t want to throw away the fruit
my heart opposed to give it away

I placed it again in that suitcase
calling a child from the deck
asking him to lock it without telling me the cipher
then I threw it in the depths

at night a stifled fire was burning
under my eyelids and my temples
I looked once more at the stars
falling asleep much easier than before


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Last Wedding

I was born at winter’s end
becoming accustomed with nestling cold
when fire was put out
I was guarding hearth cinders
every night

the groom came late like a snowfall
over the lake among willows
silvery fish bells were tolling
under thin ice near shores

a translucent bride with long arms
was running through me from heels to top
white butterflies from her train
sticking unchastely on my skin

pay attention
said my godparents
if you grasp the earth in your arms
you shall be floating beyond words
even silence won’t matter anymore
it is better to let go of your solitary ring
from your inheritance

it was snowing for years on my left palm
its lines were deepening
another iceberg moved on its way
like a cold kiss
sealed on the front

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The Quince

people say she’s walking hunchbacked
loafing topsy-turvy
after each rain looking for snails with one eye
avoiding to step over fresh mushrooms
the other eye clings to the moon on clear sky
when the sun is still weak
her fingers tremble trying to catch butterflies
her big shadow scares them away
sometimes she makes a peaked cap with her hands
to avoid light burns

if you see her from afar she walks stumbling
if you pass by her side she looks aside
one day old foals lick her palms
chicks peck at her feet
she gathers everlastings
giving them to poor widows in cemeteries

it’s been said she became like this
when a quince fell upon her head
on a too hot October day
the cat just delivered five kittens
she placed them in a basket
swayed them one day and a night
keeping in her bosom a white one
as if it were a rose

at midnight she gets out
in the middle of the road
straightens her back leaning her head backwards
looking at the stars as if she were swallowing them

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