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„Say it’s only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me”

Life is never what it seems to be
I was sixteen and I couldn’t agree –
So quickly twenty years just flew away
So disappointed I woke up one day,

Dusty old dreams needed a cleaning
When I understood a deeper meaning –
A strong belief can reach the mountain’s roof,
It’s useless to search for another proof.

We’re responsible for what we think
Even when our hopes begin to sink –
Since then, under any kind of weather,
Truth and beauty always stayed together.

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Throwing Myself on the Closed Window

a woman passes by
it is a change of medical staff
without their overalls they look the same
she wears a black high collar blouse
her neck stems from a thread of acorn beads
I don’t dare to ask a thing

in the cancer hospital I forgot where I came from
walking on corridors periodically enlarged
into squared hall rooms between elevators
flashing red lights
the exit is somewhere behind or ahead
on one side windows are opened towards a blind wall
on the other side closed facing the inner garden
filled with quinces walnuts crow nests

I’m sticking my front on the window pane
a glassy fog melts in my eyes
tight lips I’m coughing and hiccuping
here are many forbidden doors
my wristwatch has stopped right now
at noon


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Daylight on a Toll Road

I will step on these grass blades
washing my feet in their tender juice
there’s a long way to the deep forests
rough tree bark will wound my skin
moist compost will will bury my heels

Near the feeble spring
bedraggled stars run dry
one by one
I give them my tears
hiding summer joys
in a squirrel nest
filled with acorns for a harsh winter

Dawn’s warm gold found me
trying to catch small charmed fishes
telling them I need to donate
all my best wishes
to the poorest men

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Weaponless Guards

as long as there’s no certain point
for every beginning or end
certitude is a revolving circle
a combination between alpha and omega

without the omega wolf the pack would break apart
some are howling for all the others
some are barking their pain inside
detaching from the warm blood world or reptiles fangs
shivering in the wind like feeble seeds
searching for a crevice inside ruins

the amphitheater is empty
once they made here sacrifices for their Gods
they were half humans half beasts
without fearing the moon or the stars
more powerful than clouds

nothing is changed
the fortress’ walls are still concentric
when the beginning or the end show up
they always fall under guillotine
the circle is breaking people dance around
the ants build another mole
ripe apples tumble down on the castaway’s head
for he is condemned to stay awake

his watch is straining the blood
to pass drop by drop
from one pyramid to another
until only dust remains


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the classroom is silent
windows dimmed their eyes
benches aligned near walls
heaps of school books weigh in the middle

I walk around and kneel
through floor crevices a caravan of ants
passes towards the mole
like nuns muttering their prayers
under father’s magnifying glass
in a slow and steady march
over fears worries dismay

looking at them I understood
tomorrow they will devastate
my philatelic collection
inside worn-out covers between stamps
favorite pastime

it’s forbidden to cry out
things are so tiny here
I must throw snowballs on the blackboard
that blinds me

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