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The Last Olive Tree

– grabby man, why do you have such empty eyes?
– it is not true child
look deep and you will see
crystal fish beneath the well’s gravel
unimparted secrets
where neither thieves’ hoe sliced
nor master’s bucket stole

– man you are like thistle’s flower
no one tastes you
apart from grizzled goats
– the sun is blinding you my child
otherwise you would have known
that I made a vow long ago
to grow upon a land that doesn’t tremble
forever on the tongue of truth
to keep silent
until the stars will fall down
all under my temples
until the fools will forget laughter and crying

you will hold my hand
a branch bowing in the wind
with a knife made of bone
you will cut me at sunrise

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Pining for My Country

Sheltered under tall firs,
whispered stories flow
from young spring sources
towards the forest’s roots,
learning the eternal bond
between thirsty sea waters
and golden wheat fields,
stopping to breathe the silence
of distant ancestors’ shadows
weaving the heartbeat songs
and the blue mountain’s stone
on the same road together.

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