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Pink Cameo

a bird is resting beyond the road
it’s snowing for centuries over her wings
bird’s claws are piercing the ground
new scales begin to grow thicker
I’m afraid to look in the mirror
there’s no one left to tell my troubles to

some walls are like storm clouds
blue crevices come out of the blues
a spider sleeps inside an old mandolin
all drawers are crackling from inside
the candlestick got stuck in wax
the everlastings shed their petals

my stomach burns from thirst and cold
I’m wrapping around me a checkered blanket
hunting sunlight specks with my plastic horse
sipping my pink tea under dawn eyes
when cherry blossoms cover every legend
I’m galloping like the knight in a tiger’s skin

in the room nearby
palm tree leaves are strewn on the floor
covered with antiquarian dust
beyond the road it smells like jasmines
dreams always take a longer breath

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Rain Wings

a book opened at once
the window opens widely
magic wheels of colors turn again
inside child’s eyes round forest skirts

the rain stopped tuning
its harp with knotted strings
hidden between rambling clouds
lady Vivien’s story dripped in the lake
dreams are growing on the rainbow’s stem
another spring day hurts tree cores
new buds jump out from steely branches
maiden’s heart clings to lime tree leaves
pierced with candy sugar light
her silvery long hair entangled among willows
is swept by winds into the wild mint field
whispers gather in dandelion seeds
melting on top of wet black berries
near the house corners
covered with moss

under the old oak
grass colors fade slowly
brown and yellow butterflies fall
over a closed story book
entranced for ever

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A Little Girl’s Dream

A small white unicorn
ran away from inhabited forests
resting quietly near a little girl
while she was sleeping.

Such an amazing dream she had!
The horse was talking to her
and made her smile,
then he stuck onto her big green eyes,
harnessed for the first time in his life.

Form that night on,
every morning when the child wakes up,
the unicorn is galloping fast
when she looks up into the sky.

There she can see an emerald castle
where fairy tales last forever.

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End of a Story

When I was a child The Snow Queen
stole my friend’s heart
placed in his chest an ice needle

Then I trod for a long a time
on fairy tale pathways
crushing my knees upon stones
weaving shirts from nettle threads
kissing an ugly frog
climbing mountains on stairs
dug with my own nails
crawling in the desert among snakes …
everything just to find my friend
to see the red roses in my home garden
bloom again

But I failed
and my dream vanished
Snow White and her mother became as one
Cinderella lost her shoe for eternity
„once upon a time” became „never”

Then I opened my eyes and said to myself
thanks God for giving me this sinless soul
to be able to fly free
on my heart’s open sky

From above tears dropped
as an answer
it was light again


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