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i fear
for the night hour when the clock’s second hand moves backwards one second
for the dreams of the child who counts how the old bed crackles three times
for all the flags or banners with three colors and for all those who say three two one go

yes i’m afraid
of rebellious numbers mad banshees amazons armed with arrows or eucalyptus candies
i fear that saint george won’t thrust his spear deep enough this year
i fear to throw pearls of wise fairy tales in front of those who don’t need stories
i measure the time honestly with the hour three a.m. still uncertain between night and day
through the heat left by poppies in the field
through the number of white stars in the hair of a lonely woman

i fear that i will pull out the silver jesus from the crucifix and i will sell it
as a legitimate part of the saint trinity
for a bit of bread or white soap

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Cuckoo Voice

on the crowded boulevard
words were running in opposite directions
I was weaned off speech
while others gave praise
to colored balloons and fireworks
only my words were true
without ribbons or laces

I bought a large brim hat
to hide my dumbness grimace in the crowd
it feels so bad when you get into light
from a bastard cocoon
it is so hard to fly
after crawling shamelessly

words are like one day old butterflies
flying in all directions
they have even learned to climb up to the moon
against my will they are no longer mine

and while I try to catch them
like any other human
a black bird is at wake
under a cuckoo nest

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