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most never closed
the old door knob clanks
from time to time
cold nights’ splits deepen
in the whitewashed wall

rhythmically pressing my front
on the window glass
thick like a nutshell
I’m drawing bitter green prints
in mid winter

the elastic threads in my heart
are hardly tuning
stretching at once
blowing me from corner to corner
from wall to wall
spread fingers scratch
a final life sign
besides that scream entering the eyeball
in the mirror

all the rest is the same deluge of light
upon the ground worms
and the prey birds
the wind uplifts some dust
I feel a deep height sickness
yet I fall

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Wind Whispers

there’s a cold print inside me
a blunt ridge on a record
dust whirls around
rust grains flow in my blood
leaving the old iron works
unsold by their collectors

this song can be hardly heard
swept away by morning winds
when I wake up without wishes
feeling a taste of frozen lemon
sliced at once…
on the knife’s blade a deep stain remains

many things can’t be purchased
forgotten or interchanged
but they are aging
wasp nests gather between blinds
broken lines meet on the walls
colors blend becoming gray
neutral and indifferent

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If the angel should come
to place my soul on a balance
I will welcome him in my cathedral
with tall trees burning as columns
and fern leaves weaving translucent rings
stained glass married with light

If he should ask or say
that my heart is too heavy
I will answer
that this ancient well
riverbed of deep emotions
was always unreachable
for its sweep

Fantana cu cumpana

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Searching for an affirmation
I found just interrogation,
Always lost among words meanings
Like a bookmark inside feelings.

I’m a witness of world’s change
With its concrete goals that wage,
Holding dreams stamped in the night
From my readings slow insight.

Blue sky fields ripe in my heart
And I need to share a part.
I tread vagabond in time
Hoping for tomorrow’s dime.

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