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morning exercise

good morning
with half opened eyes you can see your life
running like a fairy at the window
shaking the cherry flowers from her hair
raising the train of her dress between her fingers
it would have been unusual not to fall in love
not to see growing among clouds
swans in pairs white hearts in pairs
while you sip your rosemary tea
good morning I command to you
if you stare with wide opened eyes
you see this life
an old cocotte with thick makeup and dilated nostrils
sniffing you as if you were half dead
throwing on your table the dry bread and the hard boiled egg
take it there’s no time for bargain take a drop of sunshine
a pinch of salt on your tongue
swallow at once
like this…open your eyes very slowly until your lives begin to wrestle
and smash one another until dust

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Roses and Diamonds

I shall overcome you
my hands are blazing torches
more powerful than any poison
they will burn down your green envy
cold lightnings calculated bursts
I won’t stumble I won’t fall
stepping between rattlesnakes
when darkness shrouds your crypt

stone figures are watching me
building walls around
I don’t care about others’ judgement
I’m just a human soul believing
a rose is more important
than a diamond

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Odissey Fragment

I mounted on a ship
my eyes tied in a storm
unseen by others

life turned around
made me bump accidentally
into porcelain statues
arabesque fancy works
carrying filigree thoughts
afraid of being broken

memories brushwood whined
it was a frosty day
fir branches were ruffling
my heart’s crust was too thin
I tore soft crumbs for the blind men

the past dug in my temple
a marathon of never-ending moments
over phreatic water beds
winding long threads of silk dreams
on mast cables

I was waiting for shores
to come back

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Through the dragon’s scale
my blood thrusts roughly
like a spring source
inside a rock’s heart
uncovered by memory spears

Yet under morning stars light
in that beast iridescent eyes
a rainbow is crying

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Be Aware

sometimes I shiver sometimes I freeze
balancing on the spider’s thread
between church’s chandelier arms
the customs officer for all roads

it is bitter to smile or to cry
I hide my helplessness
like a dandelion globe in my bosom
I can’t abjure it

Christmas trees drip resin tears
inside the font where I was baptized
names of places where I stopped
haunted by half-dead hopes
dreams amputated without anesthesia
crosses raised slanting in the storm

the sin of despair grew like a whale
devouring all wrongdoings
clasped in a shrinking carcass
my name separated from myself
like a poisoned bead of white mistletoe

at every crossroad my body or my word

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