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persephone’s memories

and there’s rigoletto laughing out the cry of the one who’s defeated by fate/ among the spectators dressed in blue by the light flooding them between the acts/ and there’s the woman eternally defeated by love/ a cup with poison from which they drink/ the men used to believe

maybe the world means to win over that sentimental beast/ to open your eyes without amazement in front of the newborn’s cry/ the world in which passions die in the name of freedom

i wonder/
if this is exactly the sun in everybody’s eyes/
how could I tear apart the veil woven around every cradle/
with such soft hands it is impossible

somebody plays god every day/
lights up the fire and waists time/
searches among deities and tombs a piece of clay that he kneads/
folding the dough/
he tries to invent another empty space inside the earth’s crust

i took my knapsack on my shoulders it smelled like bread and onion i climbed upon the hill’s mane/ i felt beautiful and young/ i believed there will be a right hand holding my left hand/ when i came back it was snow and the house’s chimney was faintly whistling/ i bit a red apple from yesteryear’s crop/ it was cold and wrinkled

in the play of a lonely child there is room for a whole world/
of angels

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Word of Freedom

A second’s heavy beat
fastens a lock on the chain
uniting present and never.
Fir branches bow at night
a newborn dream emerges
crawling on a staircase
towards me.

Furrows return in the field
the sun gathers ripe shadows
a road lies ahead and behind
smooth and straight.

Sunset sways me sleepless
sunrise’s sting is cold and deep.
Autumn and spring
my burning eyes still search
the betrothal ring
with eternity.
Place it on my finger
the chain would break.

Breathing, sighing, breathing.

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Too Much Light

I wrapped myself in a wet bed sheet
feeling cold and warm altogether
the wind bites at water’s edge
I fell asleep arms and feet bound
a clay giant slouching
nightmares run through my body
like a blue alcohol flame
freshly refined

the river stole my house
I found refuge between odds and ends
leaving the windmills at wind’s goodwill
to clear out clouds from the sky
at least at night
when stars are poking diadems
on virgin fronts

I’m swaying along with the sea
growing large inside stretching to the shores
a kingdom of wings and rocks
far from the world that unleashed me
I can’t fly I can’t petrify
tears sit still over my smile
they should have trimmed this ship’s sail
too much life got into light
embracing the wind completely
while ropes hurt

from my body a single night remained
crushed under midday’s cross

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