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this is a chair
for the outdoors
painted a while ago
if you look carefully to its feet
or to the iron bars upon which you sit down
you will see many layers
(at least four generations)
of old paint skinned in different colors

today it is green
tomorrow it is uncertain if
it will be sunny after the rain
the mother with an infant in her arms leans
against the backseat
the father returns home
with fresh paint in his bags
eventually another white layer
will last longer this time

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Stamped Future

I bought from the antiquarian
The Portrait of Dorian Gray
with rancid leaves like stamps
in an ancient collection

I ran home scampering
it was smelling like jasmines
at the corners
on the labyrinth streets
hidden in the big city
in my dress flounces

after the first chapter it started to rain
I was reading the ragged book
under the lamp shade
with dead butterflies
nibbling like a mouse
memories from the future

a gray cat in a window
was looking beyond curtains
my thoughts
like snails with sinusitis
crawling on the moist asphalt
without hearing a thing

sometimes the world is
a mirror
with shriveled silver

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Impassive Forest Ballad

Some of the beautiful trees
after becoming accustomed
to winnow and cut the air
for quite some time
ended like lively official papers
of my ingratitude
(getting along in peace with winds
or other important relationships
they really stood firmly in their roots
as if to be noticeable)
accusing me with calm composure
that I forgot the present moment
and after all I’m afraid of my own breath
Was it all that just a saw moan?

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A Traveler’s Refuge

Now my heartbeat is measured in fathoms
its ticking swirls in the depths
I recollect diluted smiles in photographs
erased footprints in rusty sands
crouching words like hedgehogs in my thoughts
old toys and tinsel from long forgotten Christmas trees

It is good that I can hear the rain
pattering on dry leaves
eyes are like sponges
washing away traces
and I am almost certain
at the edge of the road
that stars are still reading
the snow covered map
of my tomorrow’s journey

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A Teardrop Story

thoughts are like sediments
on memory backbone near vertebra joints
where winds roughen their play
with clouds floating in children’s eyes

today’s teardrop pushes forward
a clog rolled inside blood
an answer to the ocean’s call

tides are getting nearer
ship bells break the silence
of long distance passengers

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