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a song for stones

I have seen all that my eyes could see I have heard all that my ears could hear
I stood pondering without words that it is easy to see with the eyes of the mind
colors and shapes that you have already seen
you are just a fine photographic memory
it is easy to hear with the ears of your mind songs that you have listened to
you’re just an instrument spanning over a few octaves
you can even write new songs in your mind and you can imagine another world
created in your own image thus there’s nothing new under the sun
because God is one and only letting you grow old sense after sense
until the sparkle inside you is like sunset over snowfields

there is still time
a heavy philosophical dimension
there is the godliness of being alive in the shadow of a tall door
slammed into the wall

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persephone’s memories

and there’s rigoletto laughing out the cry of the one who’s defeated by fate/ among the spectators dressed in blue by the light flooding them between the acts/ and there’s the woman eternally defeated by love/ a cup with poison from which they drink/ the men used to believe

maybe the world means to win over that sentimental beast/ to open your eyes without amazement in front of the newborn’s cry/ the world in which passions die in the name of freedom

i wonder/
if this is exactly the sun in everybody’s eyes/
how could I tear apart the veil woven around every cradle/
with such soft hands it is impossible

somebody plays god every day/
lights up the fire and waists time/
searches among deities and tombs a piece of clay that he kneads/
folding the dough/
he tries to invent another empty space inside the earth’s crust

i took my knapsack on my shoulders it smelled like bread and onion i climbed upon the hill’s mane/ i felt beautiful and young/ i believed there will be a right hand holding my left hand/ when i came back it was snow and the house’s chimney was faintly whistling/ i bit a red apple from yesteryear’s crop/ it was cold and wrinkled

in the play of a lonely child there is room for a whole world/
of angels

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Autumn Crocus

each night I’m running
through a nightmare transgressing
into pink and purple
since springtime until fall

from my lost body
drifting in the labyrinth
between suns
my viscera are good enough
only for the sacrificial knife
predicting a future
like a nebulous placenta
from leaves skeletons

my chest is full of stars
empty of pain and blood
a moon plaster squeezes
my hardened heart
when I will fall in the dust
a crater will be left above
and not a single thistle below

my God please dress me up
in silvery voices of angels
I’ll be a capsized bell
with its brim towards the sky

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